Flats Stalker 18

24. Sole Installation

Bill of Materials
1. The Strongback
2. The Pencil
3. Wood Butchering
4. Transom
5. Joining Panels
6. Round Chine Option
7. Jig Assembly
8. Stitching it all together
9. Tabbing & Filleting
10. Fiberglassing the Seams
11. Glassing the Hull Bottom
12. Fiberglassing the Sides
13. Fairing Slurry
14. Fairing - A Strategy
15. Fairing the Outside (Cont'd)
16. Skeg
17: Rubrails
18. Primer
19. Hull Flip
20. Inside Taping
21. Inside Cloth
22. Stringers & Knees
23. Installing Frames
24. Sole
25. Rod Holders
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Installing the Sole ( ~ 10 hours, 1 person)

It's been several weeks since my last update. In Florida, it's the "Mean Season". The months of August and early Sept are hot and humid to say the least. This has definitely slowed down the building progress.

Below is a picture just prior to working on getting the sole ready for installation:

Here's all the sole cleats getting coated with epoxy prior to bonding them to the striinger edges and frames...

Here's a shot showing some c-clamps beng used to "wedge" the cleats against the hull sides to hold them in place for bonding...

All the cleats installed...

Starting to fill the chambers under the sole with bouyancy foam (2 part polyurethane foam)...

I used a handsaw blade to trim the mushroomed tops of the foam level with the tops of the stringers and frames...

Here's a cardboard template I made of the sole so I have an accurate means of making the edge cuts that interface with the hull sides ...

The sole is 9' long so it takes 2 plywood sections, butt-blocked together to create the full panel. The photo below shows the short sections and the butt blocks used. A gap needs to be there to accommodate the stringers & cleats...

The sections joined & the butt blocks are bonded...

I added some reinforcing pads on the underside of the sole. These will strengthen areas where the grab rail will attach & where cooler turnbuckles attach. I also laminated some 12 oz biax cloth over the pads to spread the stressses out a little...

I mounted the turnbuckle hardware to use as aids for lowering the sole in place for bonding. Then I placed plenty of weight over the areas where the glue was applied on the stringers, frame tops, and cleat tops - Yes they're full of ammo ;)...

Once the glue cured, I put down a fillet of epoxy/wood flour mixture all around the sole's perimeter. Then I laminated over the perimeter joints with 12 oz biax tape. I didn't get photos of those steps, but they're similar to what's been shown on previous segments.