Flats Stalker 18

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Bill of Materials
1. The Strongback
2. The Pencil
3. Wood Butchering
4. Transom
5. Joining Panels
6. Round Chine Option
7. Jig Assembly
8. Stitching it all together
9. Tabbing & Filling
10. Fiberglassing the Seams
11. Glassing the Hull Bottom
12. Fiberglassing the Sides
13. Fairing Slurry
14. Fairing - A Strategy
15. Fairing the Outside (Cont'd)
16. Skeg
17: Rubrails
18. Primer
19. Hull Flip
20. Inside Taping
21. Inside Cloth
22. Stringers & Knees
23. Installing Frames
24. Sole
25. Rod Holders
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My building project comes before site updates, so there's a chance I'm farther along on the building process than what depicted on this site.  Contact me if you have questions about a step that might not be shown yet.  I may have already completed it.

Just another quick note:

I've received numerous inquiries from people interested in stopping by to see the boat in progress. At this time I prefer not to entertain any in-person visits. I've tried to provide as much detail in this site as I can so someone interested in the boat would have a solid idea of its characteristics and building steps. Once the boat is finished and on a trailer I'll be at numerous local ramps and would be more than happy to discuss the boat. Thanks - Bob.