Flats Stalker 18

22. Stringer & Transom Knee Installation

Bill of Materials
1. The Strongback
2. The Pencil
3. Wood Butchering
4. Transom
5. Joining Panels
6. Round Chine Option
7. Jig Assembly
8. Stitching it all together
9. Tabbing & Filleting
10. Fiberglassing the Seams
11. Glassing the Hull Bottom
12. Fiberglassing the Sides
13. Fairing Slurry
14. Fairing - A Strategy
15. Fairing the Outside (Cont'd)
16. Skeg
17: Rubrails
18. Primer
19. Hull Flip
20. Inside Taping
21. Inside Cloth
22. Stringers & Knees
23. Installing Frames
24. Sole
25. Rod Holders
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Installing the stringers & transom knees( ~ 5 hours, 1 person)

To make sure the stringers are postioned correctly, you have to put the frames back into the hull as shown below. This helps keep the stringers vertical and running straight down the hull length.

This is a pretty basic step, so it's just a matter of shimming the edges off of the hull where the stringer makes contact to eliminate any potential "hard spots". Then spot welding the stringers in place with a little squirt of wood flour and epoxy out of a ziploc bag. Followed by a fillet and then finally 12 oz biaxial tape.

Here's a shot of one fillet along the stringer & hull...

The stringers have a a 1/2" radius fullet along each length...

The 12 oz biaxial tape is positioned with half on the stringer face and half on the hull...

Here's a shot of the finished transom knees. There's nothing tricky about their installation. They we're bonded, spot welded, filleted, and glassed in parallel with the stringers...

The stringers and knees finished...