Flats Stalker 18

3. Wood Butchering

Bill of Materials
1. The Strongback
2. The Pencil
3. Wood Butchering
4. Transom
5. Joining Panels
6. Round Chine Option
7. Jig Assembly
8. Stitching it all together
9. Tabbing & Filleting
10. Fiberglassing the Seams
11. Glassing the Hull Bottom
12. Fiberglassing the Sides
13. Fairing Slurry
14. Fairing - A Strategy
15. Fairing the Outside (Cont'd)
16. Skeg
17: Rubrails
18. Primer
19. Hull Flip
20. Inside Taping
21. Inside Cloth
22. Stringers & Knees
23. Installing Frames
24. Sole
25. Rod Holders
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Wood Butchering (~ 24 hours time - one person)

A tip I read on one of the woodworking forums was to support large plywood panels with a piece of inexpensive styrofoam insulation sheet. Although it wasn't exactly cheap (~$14) it was extremely helpful in cutting the thin 1/4" and 3/8" plywood sheets. You can cut the panel and into the foam without worrying about hitting any of your support underneath.



There's not much else to describe in this step. Cutting wood is a basic step and I took my time to make sure the dimensions and layouts were correct before making a cut. On this particular boat you can save time by doubling up with 2 sheets of 1/4" plywood to cut out sections of the bottom and side panels.

The tools used were a pair of folding workbenches, strongback, foam sheet, jig saw, circular saw, and a bandsaw, and an RO sander to smooth the rough edges on the fresh cut wood.